Is There More to Life Than Living?
By Ken Miles

The Book

“What is the source of true happiness?”
“How do I heal from the hurts of the past?”
“If Jesus lives in me, why haven’t I changed?”

For many, ‘life’ has become less about living and more about existing.
Despite every effort to achieve fulfillment, time on earth still lacks depth. Vitality and meaning still seem constantly elusive. Why is this? Fulfillment cannot be achieved. Rather, it comes by receiving a special kind of Life, a Life that can only come from God. And, as God’s Life is manifested to the world through us, we begin to experience circumstance-proof contentment. This is the eternal purpose of God. This is why you were created. You were meant for a better experience. You were designed to be fulfilled. In this book, discover the answers you’ve been seeking about relationships, about God, and about an extra-special new kind of L.I.F.E.

About Ken Miles

Ken Miles is the founder and lead pastor of Kitchener-Waterloo Christian Fellowship, a growing, interdenominational church, as well as the president of Anchor Ministerial Fellowship, a licensing body for 150 ministers. He hosts the daily radio show ''Life in Balance'' in which he gives practical insights from God’s Word to handle the challenges of life. Ken is the author of ''Is There More to Life Than Living?'' a book which examines the four core aspects of life and how we can experience fulfillment in each of them. Ken and his wife Kay have four grown children and enjoy travelling and spending time with their grandchildren.

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Book Reviews

  • You gotta read this book! Ken Miles launches us on an adventure of discovering four simple and yet profoundly practical Biblical truths. These insights will not only help you grow spiritually but will enable you to make a difference in the lives of the people around you. I found myself constantly challenged to self examination all the while excited to begin to put into practice what I was learning.

    Ken Taylor
    Lead Pastor at Creekside Church
  • Should you want to really connect with God and enjoy a life of truly authentic faith then “Is There More to Life Than Living?” by my good friend Ken Miles is the book for you. The carefully chosen stories, quotes and illustrations make it an easy read but the practical and inspiring content will help you live a deeply meaningful and even joy-filled life. The four pillars of the book: Love; Integrity; Forgiveness and Excellence will strengthen your faith and refresh your soul for years to come.

    David Macfarlane
    Billy Graham Organization
  • The message of the gospel is about how it can transform a life. It is not simply about a nice message but actually brings us into a relationship with the author of life. In his book, “Is there More to Life than Living?” Ken Miles, a pastor and friend for many years, shares with us some insight that has helped many to embrace the practical aspects of living the Life of Christ. Though the principles are not new, his acronym of L.I.F.E. and the balancing of Love, Integrity, Forgiveness, and Excellence is presented in an interesting and fresh way that helps draw the reader into desiring the fruit of the life God has for each of us. I would encourage you to read this book with an open heart and allow God to speak to you about your own life.

    Steve Fleming
    Pastor at Koinonia Christian Fellowship
  • Ken Miles has always been a very gifted speaker. But now in writing this book, he has opened the door of his inner life and shown us yet another of his many God-given talents. With wonderful insights and crystal clear illustrations, Ken reveals to us the amazing adventure of our new life in Christ. Enjoy this book but, more importantly learn from it.

    Fred Morris
    Centre Wellington Town Councilor and Founder of Vision Financial
  • I have benefitted from Ken Miles’ objective balance and wisdom many times in our long friendship. He always speaks the truth in love. In his new book Ken answers the hard questions we ask when we are searching for the abundant life that Christ has promised. Discover L.I.F.E. principles and you will have a roadmap for a life well lived.

    Paul Cowell
    President of Christian Hospitality Network
  • Ken Miles has distilled four decades of successful ministry into one word. You won’t be able to see the word ‘LIFE” again without the enriching contents of this book coming to mind!

    Jim Gordon
    Lead Pastor at Elora Road Christian Fellowship

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